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Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț

What Makes Our Ingredients Different ?

We strive to get as much fresh, local, organic product that we can get out hands on. Though not always possible,

we try to make it happen!

We tend to lean on the vegetable heavy side with our recipes and offer as many vibrant colors we can onto the plate!

Color = Nutrition

We also make a large effort to keep things gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and vegetarian, or have the option of excluding those items due to individual needs. We are a society who needs options and I would rather give you the benefit of choosing the most beneficial to your health if you have the opportunity to take it! 

Our Goal? 

To normalize healthy eating habits without sacrificing flavor and excitement!

We give tons of ethnic food options weekly...

though they may not be "authentic"...

Changing up your menu items will, in fact, open you up to trying new things and discovering a love for ingredients and cultures you wouldn't try before. 

"Sugar" and "Flour"

Image by Evan Hein

0 - Sugar


0- Flavor


We use a fairly extensive (and expensive) list of sugar substitutes. Our recipes usually consist of a combination of 2 or more types of sugars to make sure we are maximizing the most flavor and utilizing each ingredients qualities.

Because the fact is... none of them act like the other, and none of them respond in the same way as your typical table sugar... which makes things very tricky!

Fun Fact !

 None of our sugars boost glycemic index! 

That means all diabetics should have no problem treating themselves to any of our baked goods and desserts.

Here is a list of the sugars we use:

Granulated Erythritol

Powdered Erythritol

Brown Erythritol

Allulose (The Rare Sugar)

Monk Fruit

Though there are many different flour alternatives you can choose from... these are the main 4 we try and stick with! Growing up, bread was such a comfort food for me. I still have a hard time staying away from it, but the more information I fed myself... the more I learned of the harm it was doing to my body and my family that I was feeding. 

Just a few ( not so fun facts about the ingredient) :

Gluten is Latin for glue. Read that again! Gluten is linked to many psychiatric and neurological diseases, including mood disorders, emotional issues, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, dementia, migraines, epilepsy, neuropathy (nerve damage), and even autism. Gluten contains --> 0 <-- benefits  for your body! Here are several more facts about the product if you would like to educate yourself. 

Gluten Free Flour

oat flour.jpg

Oat Flour 

Rice Flour 

Almond Flour 

coconut flour.jpg

Coconut Flour 

Why do your products cost more than my local grocery store or bakery?

Great question! We know we are not the cheapest

product out there... But, what it all comes down to is

the cost of ingredients. Here is what I mean about just

a couple of our products: 

  • (Theirs) Regular Sugar:   $.48 a pound

  • (Ours) Erythritol Sugar :   $5.50 a pound

  • (Theirs) All Purpose Flour: $.31 a pound

  • (Ours) Gluten Free Flours: $2.08 a pound

Though we would love to fit into everyone's 

definition of affordable, the truth is,

these items just cost more.


If you fall into the category of gluten free/ sugar free on a regular basis, then you are already aware of

what those ingredients cost.


For all the curious, we invite you to try them

for yourself before deciding! 

Image by Matt Walsh
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