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Family First 

The largest part of our foundation at The Refined Pantry is Family. Jordan and I have been working nonstop to build a firm foundation for our future and our kids. Its been long hours and a ton of fun figuring out our path for the future. As we try to work out all of the details of what that looks like, we see our kids watching every step we make. We hope they see the hard work being put into it now, so that when the pieces fall into place, they have a stable "Family Business" to be proud of. 

As we have said over and over family time is very important to us as it is the glue that keeps us together. When we feel a tug to slow things down a bit, because our focus has not been on that foundation, you may see us take a week off here and there from Meal Prep and spend some much needed time together. We hope you understand our intentions as everyone should normalize Family Time more than society tells us to. Money is important in its rightful place, but TIME we can never buy!

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