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" Our family believes that in order for change to happen in this world, it has to begin with us. We have been blessed with so many great opportunities to spread joy in our community and the surrounding area, and we want our customers to have the chance to be part of doing something good and create a chain reaction for God's work!  " 

The Spencers

doors opening.jpg
Image by Tyler Domingue

A look back on some of the past
supported organizations in our community

Youngsville Pantry "Helping those bridge the hunger gap"

Holiday Meals for Foster Families Support with fundraising for their new facility.

Commitment to help fund the Bayou Church where they continue to transform lives in Acadiana through Christ-centered relationships

Treating the Covid Front Line Workers

Support for this amazing non-profit organization to help individuals with special needs.

"Get a Soup - Give a Soup" Sharing in community

Donation to Bust Breast Cancer to continue FREE mammograms to aide in early detection.

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