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About the Owners


The Spencers...
We are Jordan and Megan Spencer, and we hail from Louisiana, though we have lived in multiple locations stretching as far north as Wisconsin and as far south as Florida.
We have two beautiful kids, Kinley and Cohen, who you might find running in and out of the kitchen on any given day, or trying to ring up customers when they are able. Both of us have degrees in Culinary from Nicholls State University, but Jordan took it a step further and received his Masters in Hospitality Management from FIU. 
Our store location
 made 1 year in March of 2023. We are a family duo in the kitchen, and a powerhouse when our team is involved. We believe quality and flavor, great customer service, and a Godly work ethic are the keys to our success.
Feeding People, Filling Hearts, & Feeding Souls is the core foundation of our business. 
We would love to better your life through nutrition and convenience.

Let us know how we can help you the next time you stop in!


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Why I started

Hey Y'all! I'm Megan Spencer... also known as "Wife" and "Mom" to two wonderful kids. I was finding more often than not, the need for healthy menu choices didn't include those wonderful words we all love to hear (and eat) ...Fried...Breaded...Candied... Smothered!

Being from Cajun country, these items are delicious, but almost hard to get away from when need be. They were leaving my family feeling over-stuffed and down right miserable. Pivoting to a healthier lifestyle, we were looking for options that satisfied and left us feeling more energized rather that wanting to head for a nap. The more I spoke with locals around, the more I realized we weren't alone. Being a former Culinary Graduate and Chef, I thought, challenge accepted!  So we have continuosly molded this amazing concept into something that is healthy, convenient, and life  altering, especially when it comes to those with dietary restrictions. We do our best to accommodate as many diets and restritions as we can, and the truth is we don't hit the mark every time. But, with our menu changing every week, there is a good chance that if we didn't meet your needs this week, next week we probaby will! Regardless of whether nutrtion is something you already focus on, just on your radar, or simply for the fact that you love the convience and the excitement of something new and flavorful each week, stop in and see what we are all about... You won't be disappointed !!!

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